3 Easy Ways to Go from Crises to Calm by Rhonda Harris-Choudhry

December 19, 2022


When the pandemic arose, many people felt trapped in fear of an uncertain future. Living in fear can be crippling and I can personally attest to this since I was 30 days from homelessness when I started my business. 

In times like these, it’s important to stay calm so that you can look at things clearly. Here are some ways to do just that.

  1. Change the word “crises” to “situation”. Situations can be handled. Just taking the “crises” out of it will start to make you feel better.
  2. Live in the minute. When I was going through what I call my trial by fire as I was facing foreclosure with no job in site, I staved off fear by telling myself, “For this minute, I am safe. For this minute I have shelter. For this minute I have food.”, and so on. This allowed me to stay calm and focus on how to pull myself out of the abyss. 
  3. Clear and harmonize your mind and thoughts. Energy work is being used to help people in major hospitals such as John Hopkins and the Mayo clinic. These same techniques can be used to help calm the mind and think more clearly. The right side of the brain represents creativity and the left side represents analysis and logic. We need them to work together to help you succeed. Here is a quick way to make that happen:

Imagine that the right side of your mind is filled with moonlight and that the left side of your mind is filled with sunlight. Now internally say, “the right side of my mind is in harmony with the left side of my mind and the left side of my mind is in harmony with the right side of my mind. Both work together in divine balance to bring me success.” Sit for a moment and feel your mind clear and calm down. 

Remember that while there are things we can’t control, by staying calm, we think clearly, plan and embrace success. 

Rhonda Harris-Choudhry is the author of You Are Not Broken- How to Retrain Your Brain, Clean up Your Energy & Use Emotional Shapeshifting to Raise Your Vibration & Manifest Your Desires With Special Attention to Empaths & Sensitive People. She is a Minister, Professional Psychic/Empath, Spiritual Counselor, Artist, Musician, Reiki Master and Spiritual Healer. Rhonda’s mission is to empower everyone by teaching them about their innate spiritual and self-healing gifts and their innate power to manifest their dreams.

website: www.healinghennagoddess.com

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/GoddessRhonda/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/goddessrhonda/channel/?hl=en

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