8 Awesome, Amazing Speakers To Book NOW

January 16, 2021


The speaking business is a big industry and it is tough – especially for Black speakers.  Unless it’s Black History Month, MLK Day or something do with Diversity/Inclusion – Black speakers rarely get their fair share of opportunities.   Even the Harvard Business Review cites: Too many speakers at events and conferences are white men. 

But Speakers Magazine is helping to change that by making known super Black speakers.  It is my mission, vision and calling to help book more Black speakers. I’ve promoted black speakers and authors for more than two decades. And the time is really ripe for more Black speakers to take the stage and dominate more podiums. They have a message to share that the world desperately needs RIGHT now in the climate.

Here are 8 Awesome Speakers that you need to know, refer and/or book for 2021:

Dr. Portia Lockett
dr missy johnson
Dr. Jonas with a Bonus
Nicole Roberts Jones
Dr. Geneva Williams
Melony Hill
precious williams pitch master
Dr. Fayola Delica
how to get booked

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