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SPEAKERS Magazine: Discover the Gateway to Speaking Stardom 

Unlock the secrets of the speaking elite in SPEAKERS Magazine, where dreams become reality and the stage becomes your realm. This award-winning publication isn’t just a magazine; it’s a spotlight shining on the luminaries of the speaking world, a treasure trove of strategies and insights from the megastars of the industry. 

Imagine your story unfolding alongside theirs, your voice echoing in the halls of success.

In SPEAKERS, you don’t just read about success – you’re invited to be a part of it. Our pages are a launchpad for ambition, a platform where top performers don’t just share their journeys; they ignite your potential. Every issue is a masterclass in excellence, a fusion of upscale image, prestige, and intellectual prowess. It’s not just about being in the know – it’s about being on the rise.

Our readers are the visionaries of tomorrow, media professionals, meeting planners and those who want constant self-improvement. In SPEAKERS, you’ll find more than inspiration; you’ll discover tools to elevate your skills, maximize your time, and enhance your appearance.

You’re not just building a brand; you’re sculpting a legacy.

Join the ranks of the best speakers in the country, featured in SPEAKERS Magazine. This isn’t just publicity; it’s a pathway to being found, booked, and celebrated. Embrace the opportunity to transform your speaking career, to turn your aspirations into accolades. Your audience is waiting. Are you ready to take the stage? Step into the world of SPEAKERS Magazine – where speaking dreams are not just visualized, they’re realized.

Speakers is an award-winning publication and is distributed to those who attend professional conferences and personal development events. We are onsite and help create buzz via social media and LIVE interviews.

An online version is also available on Issue for free.

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We are the Official Magazine of the Black Speakers Network. 

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