Dr. Bisa Batten Lewis: Best Selling Author #ThePAIDeducator

April 11, 2024


With numerous accolades attached to her name, Dr. Bisa has gained renown in the educator space over the past three decades. This well-respected authority, who holds a Bachelor of Science and Master’s degree in early childhood education from the Albany State University, earned her Doctor’s from the University of Georgia and went on to serve as an educator in the elementary, high school, and university levels.

The former dean is a big believer in personal and professional development, which explains the years she has spent sharing her extensive experience and expertise not only in the academe but also in nonprofit leadership, grant writing, product creation, and more. And it is this same belief, along with the mission to foster growth and enable success for educators, that fueled the publication and release of The PAID Educator: 10 Professional Ways to Supplement Your Teaching Salary.

Apart from being recognized as a multi-talented infopreneur with a heart to educate others in the areas that she has mastered over the years, Dr. Bisa is widely heralded, as well, as an educational powerhouse for the extraordinary lengths she’s gone to help teachers rethink how to bring value to the marketplace.

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