Dr. David M Walker: Speaker & Author of The Champion’s Mind

November 28, 2022


Dr. David M. Walker is the CEO of Walker Media Group LLC. Walker Media Group LLC is an umbrella company for Dr. Walker’s business as a speaker, author, and podcast host.

Dr. Walker is a retired NYC school administrator, former pastor, and former NCAA Division 1 college basketball referee. His life experiences have set him on a journey to work with individuals who want to live a champion’s life. He inspires his audiences to overcome an underdog mindset to see that your entire life experience is your advantage in life. He speaks locally and nationally at schools, churches, community events, and conferences.

Dr. Walker is the author of The Champion’s Mind: How to Defeat Giants and Win. The Champion’s Mind is a compelling book about servant leadership. It outlines foundational truths that will help you overcome fear, doubt, and insecurity to live and compete at a champion’s level. The Champion’s Mind is “one of the best-written and most prescriptive books I’ve ever read in quite a while on the well-worn subject of success principles”—Dr. George Fraser, CEO Power Networking Conference.

Dr. Walker hosts the podcast Beyond the Culture with Dr. David M. Walker.

Dr. Walker earned his doctorate from Northeastern University and a Master of Divinity from New York Theological Seminary. He lives in Orlando, FL.

To book Dr. Walker to speak, visit:

Website: www.drwalkerspeaks.com

Email: [email protected]

Social media: @drdavidmwalker

Dr. David M. Walker

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