Dr. Monique Caradine-KitchensThe OverFlow Journey: Mindset & Money Talk

January 20, 2023


This show features our January cover girl, Dr. Monique Caradine-Kitchens and Ciemone A. Sheppard - who are women who are about helping women create, build and preserve wealth.

Ciemone Sheppard is a visionary entrepreneur, advocate for women in business, and Co-Founder of Sheppard Benefits Group, Inc. a national multimillion-dollar comprehensive insurance brokerage firm based in New Jersey.

Monique Caradine Kitchens is the founder and head coach of OverFlow. Since 2012, she has mentored hundreds of women entrepreneurs on how to change their relationship with money and make more of it doing what they love. She hosts Sisternomics.

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