Eating Healthfully on the Road

January 17, 2023


by Chef Dr. Mike

As some semblance of normalcy in dealing with the worldwide pandemic of Covid 19 begins to return, travel and in-person attendance at conferences and other events are back on the rise. As a professional speaker – and as a cardiologist, professional chef, and Professor of Culinary Medicine – in all topics related to food and health staying healthy whilst traveling is of paramount importance. It is both a combination for me to practice what I preach, and a very visible case of physician heal thyself! With that in mind, I’d like to share three strategies I use when I’m on the road for speaking engagements.

  • Reconnaissance Your Deliverables:

With the advantage of access to the Internet these days, it only requires a minimal effort to scout out invaluable information about the location to which you are you headed. Cities and towns of all sizes these days usually offer some combination of local farmers’ markets, farm stands, or other outlets including larger chains that specialize in local and organic products. I always look for these in relation to where I am lodging. With the ongoing ubiquity of delivery services currently available, it’s also a great idea to research and identify beforehand local restaurants that offer high quality meals.

  • Three Questions:

When evaluating ingredients, whether to prepare myself or that may be used by restaurant where I am ordering food, I like to ask these three questions.

  1. How was it bred? 

For example, is this a wild caught Alaskan salmon or a farmed GMO offering?

  1. What was it fed?

For example, is this an organic heirloom tomato varietal, or a conventional one grown with fertilizers and pesticides?

  1. Where was it led? In other words, how much, if any, post-processing did the product undergo before it reached me?

For example, is this a piece of chicken that is raised locally and organically and then simply cooked; or is it a homogenized industrial product that was ultra-processed from 47 other ingredients?

  • Book to Cook:

Eschew the luxury for healthy practicality. Many of the most excellent and upscale hotel chains, now offer an option for the traveler that comes with a refrigerator and at least a stovetop, if not often an oven. This allows you complete control over your ingredients and what you choose to eat, as well as the freedom to dine conveniently whenever you want, without leaving your room!


Adjunct Professor of Medicine (Culinary Medicine),  The Kansas Health Science Center; Wichita, Kansas

Faculty, University of Montana College of Health

Faculty, University of Montana,  Missoula College Culinary Arts Program 

Editor-in-Chief, Culinary Medicine Section, The Journal Of Integrated Healthcare

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