Elder Kirk E. Hillman: Teaching the Scripture Enrichment Training Process (S.E.T.)

October 23, 2022


A gifted biblical teacher and Christian expositor, Elder Kirk E. Hillman has created a biblical training program called Scripture Enrichment Training (S.E.T.), which introduces an exciting new way to discover the truths of God’s Word by using the paradigm of anatomy and physiology. Scripture Enrichment Training (S.E.T.) is a method of study that nurtures the reader’s ability to understand the Bible.

Certified in both biblical and Christian 12-step counseling, Elder Hillman compassionately provides personal counsel through scriptures for many. Author of “Read The Red: Words of Jesus Christ found in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John,” Elder Hillman, is dedicated to transforming the lives of believers by guiding them into a greater understanding of the Father’s motivation and love for mankind.

“God has a purpose of reconciling the world unto Himself by giving His only begotten Son to die on a rugged cross at Calvary. Jesus will help you learn about the meaning of eternal life with the Godhead. Jesus will teach you what the requisite is for salvation,” Elder Hillman explains.

Elder Kirk E. Hillman and his wife Tish of over 30 years have served in ministry as a teacher, exhorter, and administrator. His most recent role is serving as covering for In God’s Care Ministry in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Kirk and his wife Tish have six children, thirteen grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren and live in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania.

Elder Hillman’s course can be found at www.theSETprogram.org In addition, his Kingdom Language book series and several eBooks are found at Amazon.com.

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