FIVE MOVES FOR MEDIA MAGIC by Debbie Peterson – Author, Entrepreneur, Former Mayor, Real Estate Broker

December 19, 2022


Debbie Peterson has a 45-year track record of good media coverage, from her start as a young entrepreneur in Great Britain,  to her service as the first directly-elected female mayor of a small town, and as the author of The HAPPIEST CORRUPTION – Sleaze, Lies, & Suicide in a California Beach Town, the true story of the corruption she fought as mayor. 

Whether you do it yourself, or hire a publicist, promoting yourself is up to you. Only you can provide the energy, the effervescence, the verve that attracts others to you. Only you can be a newsworthy you.

  1. Be your own best publicist. Pick up the phone. Ask people you know if they have somewhere you could speak or someone in the press and media who might write about you. Ask what you can do for them and make sure you deliver. Work it – announce speaking engagements to local tv, radio, press outlets, and free announcement sites. Make others feel good about themselves – genuinely. Listen. Follow up and say thank you. 
  2. Click-bait. Use catchy subject lines in emails and titles – something people remember and find when they search for it. Leave them with a laugh – a quick comeback or play on words. Use phrases that will resonate with their audiences or are outrageous enough to make someone want to hear what comes next. Do something unexpected or different so you stand out. It’s ok to be sassy if that’s congruent with your brand and personality.
  3. Be the early bird, not the worm! Make it easy for people to reach you. Always take calls and get right back to people who reach out to you. News outlets are on a deadline and may be calling more than one person. Be ready to respond immediately with whatever they need and send it in the format they request – have your bio and photo ready to send immediately. Be professional.
  4. Don’t be snooty! Talk openly with those at all levels of the organization. Take every opportunity to speak or get press and media coverage – it’s good practice, good audience feedback, and may lead to the next better opportunity. Ask for more business – do they know someone else who might like to hear your message? Suggest a follow-up story or your next event.
  5. Make everyone look good – share, share, share multiple times on social media, in emails, and in person before and after you are featured. Hire the best professionals you can afford so that you and your work are so good that they get the most possible exposure at the highest levels.

Debbie studied journalism and radio-TV at CSU, Fresno before completing an undergraduate degree in communication/public relations at the University of Idaho and is available for interviews, podcasts, and speaking engagements. [email protected] Tel/Text 805-550-4490 Access all Debbie’s social media links here.

Debbie Peterson Author
Debbie Peterson, Author

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