How to Reach More People Without Creating More Content

July 28, 2022


This is Part 1 of 6 in a series especially for speakers who want to build a wider, stronger web presence by repurposing their audio and video assets across all their platforms — website, social media, a podcast, and YouTube. Don’t recreate the wheel! Make the most of what you’ve made.

Repurpose Digital Assets Series

  1. How to Reach More People Without Creating More Content
  2. 4 Ways to Turn Your Talks Into Text
  3. How to Spin Your Speech Into the Perfect Promo Piece
  4. How to Create Social Media Graphics That Make You Shine Online
  5. It’s Time to Turn Up Your YouTube Channel
  6. Make Your Emails Make Money — coming in our August 2022 issue, subscribe now)

So, you have a winning website, a wonderful one-sheet, and you’ve perfected your pitch – now, how do you build your online audience?

Make An Impact

The key to gathering an engaged audience is to serve the right content to the right people at the right time.

For maximum impact, that content needs to match your message and be presented coherently, consistently, and continuously. 

But, wait a minute…?! You’re already writing a blog or publishing a podcast or posting videos. When are you supposed to create even more great content? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Well, instead of making more, you’re going to make the most of what you’ve already made.

Make the Most of It

As a speaker, your talks are recorded as audio or video, or maybe your message is bundled into a book or a blog.

However you’ve packaged your expertise, you can repackage it to present the exact same content in a completely different container —

  • Key quotes from your book can become social media graphics
  • Short excerpts can be emailed as a newsletter
  • Long excerpts can become a blog
  • Audio and video recordings can be transcribed into all of the above

This is called repurposing, and it’s a digital marketing manager’s best-kept secret for creating a strong and steady online presence that attracts an eager audience.

Make It Easy

Repurposing existing content into new formats might be the easiest way to produce marketing assets for your speaking business. Why struggle to ideate and create when you can simply generate?

It also takes the guesswork out of knowing what resonates – repurpose anything popular because it’s essentially pre-approved. 

Best of all, you can trust repurposing tasks to any competent content creator – it’s a science, but it isn’t rocket science!

Make a Move

Here’s your 3-step repurposing action plan:

1. Assess what you have – Make a list of your best writing and recordings.

2. Decide what you want – Social media graphics, blog posts, and/or videos.

3. Hire who you need – Any content creator with an ear for soundbites and an eye for good design.

You’ve already done incredible work, now make the most of what you’ve made.

Crys Wood is a special kind of generalist — merging writing, design skills, and strategy to help her clients shine online. Learn more about her services at

As seen in Speakers Magazine (February 2022)

Speakers Magazine — February 2022

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