How To Spin Your Speech Into the Perfect Promo Piece

July 28, 2022


This is Part 3 of 6 in a series especially for speakers who want to build a wider, stronger web presence by repurposing their audio and video assets across all their platforms — website, social media, a podcast, and YouTube. Don’t recreate the wheel! Make the most of what you’ve made.

Repurpose Digital Assets Series

  1. How to Reach More People Without Creating More Content
  2. 4 Ways to Turn Your Talks Into Text
  3. How to Spin Your Speech Into the Perfect Promo Piece
  4. How to Create Social Media Graphics That Make You Shine Online
  5. It’s Time to Turn Up Your YouTube Channel
  6. Make Your Emails Make Money — coming in our August 2022 issue, subscribe now »

In the March issue of Speakers, we talked about transcribing your spoken words into written text…

Now let’s rework that text into blog posts that will show off your expertise and build a stronger online presence.

Why Publish Blog Posts?

Because social media should NOT be the center of your online world.

  • Social media platforms are fickle; your account can be banned at any time.
  • Social media feeds move fast, and your posts get left behind.
  • Social media posts are rarely findable, but Google loves a good blog post.

Your website should be your online hub, where—

  • You have complete control,
  • You’re not competing for attention, and
  • Google sends people with questions to your digital doorstep for answers.

Think Like Costco

That old saying “Why buy the cow when you get the milk for free?” doesn’t apply online. Instead, consider Costco’s samples – a free bite tempts you to buy the whole box.

You can create an enticing sample of your speech by—

  • Summarizing it with bullet points,
  • Expanding on a single point, or
  • Sharing only the first half.

Now, let’s shape that sample into an article…

Look Like a Pro

Like a news story or magazine article, your blog post needs a compelling headline and image to capture readers’ attention.

Publishing online requires another first-glance feature – a summary, fewer than 155 characters, that appears on Google and every link shared to social media.

For easier reading, break long paragraphs into smaller chunks, add subheadings, and include bullet lists like I did with this article.

After the closing paragraph, add your bio with a call-to-action to contact you or subscribe to your email newsletter.

Let’s Level Up

Once your blog posts are bringing people to your website, you can also meet folks where they are by publishing in other places.

LinkedIn and Medium are ideal for repurposed blog posts. You don’t need to change anything, just copy-paste – republish, don’t rewrite.

Finally, pitch unique articles to the online and print publications that are read by your ideal audience. Editors are always glad to get great content.

You’ve developed amazing talks that have an impact, now make the most of what you’ve made!

Crys Wood is a special kind of generalist — merging writing, design skills, and strategy to help her clients shine online. Learn more about her services at

As seen in Speakers Magazine (April 2022)

Speakers Magazine — March 2022

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