Dr. Portia Lockett Speaks at Journey Conquerors

January 15, 2020


Christian Leaders Join Forces to Create an Event Showing Others How to Conquer The Journey In Business and Life

Detroit, MI — World events ranging from Middle East unrest to climate-change induced fires to presidential impeachment, has left many with questions on how these events will affect their personal economy and life in 2020.

“Though 2020 is starting off in less than ideal situations globally, we want to empower, encourage and inspire people to follow their heart and connect with those with positive mindsets who can help them live their best life,” said LaShawn England, CEO of L.I.F.E. (Living In Freedom Everlasting) Internationally, LLC.

England is the creator the 2020 Networking & Empowerment Event: Journey Conquerors. This an annual community event designed to inspire and expose them to tools and connect them with people they wouldn’t normally have access to. “I want to share resources and introduce positive role models with those who want to grow as leaders and entrepreneurs in our community,” said England.

L.I.F.E. Internationally LLC will host this second annual Networking and Empowerment Event: Journey Conquerors, ‪Saturday, March 21‬ at the Hilton Garden, ‪27355 Cabaret Drive in Novi, Michigan‬ ‪from 8 a.m. to 1 pm‬. Breakfast is included.

“This event is known for bringing business and ministry leaders to the table to empower people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Our speakers and presenters have conquered the journey to success and want to pour into others,” said England.

The keynote speaker this year is Dr. Portia Lockett. Dr. Portia has been empowering professionals through motivational speaking for over two decades, earning attention and praise from dozens of prominent companies such sharing her story on how she conquered her journey from the loss of her father right after graduating from college, surviving a divorce from her childhood sweetheart, diagnosed with sarcoidosis, cancerous cell in her uterus while pregnant, foreclosure, bankruptcy, car being reposed and being unemployed, she survived it.

Dr. Portia Lockett will share her amazing story on conquering her journey.

For information on registration, vendor tables or to sponsor tickets, visit http://bit.ly/journeyconquerors or visit www.LashawnEngland.com for media interviews.

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