Karen Dumas: Detroit’s All-Star Communications Pro

September 13, 2017


Karen Dumas is an award-winning Communications Professional/Media Contributor/Public Speaker Committed to Excellence, Entrepreneurship and Equality.

Dumas attracts readers, listeners and viewers and garnered respect as a trusted and fair radio & television personality and columnist. Frequently referred to as “honest and engaging,” HOUR Detroit recognized her radio show as the “the more intelligent choice” for
listeners.Karen Dumas

As founder of her own PR firm, Images & Ideas, Inc., she earned a reputation as a communications specialist known for performance and perfection. She is a frequent guest speaker at schools, churches, nonprofits and professional organizations seeking insight into:
• Performance based practices
• The tools for success
• Living and treating others with fairness
• Women’s challenges in the workplace
• Balancing professional and personal roles

A frequent event facilitator and Mistress of Ceremonies, her professional but entertaining demeanor enhances any event or organized gathering; her presentations are informative and inspirational for all. She is also a regular guest contributor for FOX2, the Detroit News and other media outlets.

To book Karen for your next event or for more information, visit www.KarenDumas.com or www.imagesandideasinc.com

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