Mindset Matters: 3 Tips Taking You from Stress to Happiness

January 17, 2023


by Marina Shakour Haber

Have you ever wondered what stands between you and happiness/success?

YOU! Or rather, your mindset.

Take Simone Biles’—she was physically in the best shape of her life leading up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. 

Yet, Simone was forced to quit. She was expected to win six gold medals but came home with one bronze and one sliver. What happened? 

In 2018, Simone revealed that she had been one of the United States gymnasts that had been sexually abused by team doctor Larry Nassar. Reliving her trauma daily during the hearings affected her more profoundly than she could have ever realized, causing PTSD to impact her mentally and emotionally. 

Although she was used to performing under the stress of being the one to beat, the continued media coverage of her performance and on her mental state in combination with social distancing and isolation proved to be too much for her. Furthermore, due to the COVID19 restrictions, she was without her emotional support team—her family—when she needed them most. 

It may be no coincidence that the pressure affected her eyesight. The system that was intended to protect her had turned a blind eye and failed her.

We cannot change the stressors in our lives; thus, we must change our reactions to them. As mindsets are changeable, here is how you can shift yours:

  1. Clarity: Understand your state of mind. Do not deny, lie, or sugar coat any trauma, anxieties, or negative feelings. Deal with them to heal yourself.
  1. Surrender: Let go of what doesn’t serve you like external conditions beyond your control, negative visualizations and self-talk so that better things can enter. Train your brain to shift from negative to positive thoughts.
  1. One-point Focus: Shift your attention to your stomach until you reduce your stress from its highest to an acceptable level. Then imagine yourself as the hero of your story, hold that image until it becomes your new belief.

These tips will take you from being stressed and overwhelmed to being happy and confident by using the power of your mind to your advantage. 

Marina Shakour Haber was a successful entrepreneur in the nurse staffing and home health care industry where she observed too many people being overwhelmed, stressed, and unhappy. That’s why she decided to follow her own calling to become a life coach, motivational speaker, and author. She wrote, Dream A Better Dream, and released her Amazon Best-Selling book, Your GPS to Happiness, in August 2022.

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