Nkechi Taifa: Author, Activist and Attorney

February 1, 2023


Nkechi Taifa is currently available for virtual bookings and presentations. - whether as keynote or plenary speaker, workshop facilitator, moderator or panelist - Taifa in her various capacities as attorney, activist, author or educator - has the expertise and skills to empower your audience. 

Future in-person bookings, including book signings, keynote addresses and guest lectures can be requested and tentatively scheduled. 

Taifa's motivational speaking is captivating. Her customized, innovative and interactive presentations are accentuated by her high energy and creative style.  Her strategic consultations and expert technical assistance have optimized outcomes in academic, corporate, legal and community settings. 

Taifa specializes in topics at the intersections of justice, race, legacy, and empowerment. 

Let Nkechi Taifa help empower you, your institution or company, or your membership as your next: CONVENTION SPEAKER - KEYNOTE ADDRESS -UNIVERSITY OR COLLEGE LECTURE.

For fees and availability or for promotional and business collaborations, please contact agent via email or call 888-245-4789. Nkechi Taifa is founder, principal and CEO of The Taifa Group LLC, a social enterprise firm whose mission is to advance justice. The Taifa Group's portfolio of client services has included coalition-building, convenings, government relations, meeting and retreat facilitation, strategic planning, and trainings. The Taifa Group

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  1. Oh my goodness, a wonderful interview between Nkechi Taifa and Dr. Pam Perry, two women whom make you shine within yourself with their positive talk and inspiring messages. I am so blessed to be apart of their spirit represented in the February issue of the Speakers Magazine.

    Dr. Pam, thank you for all that you do, I am grateful to be featured in your February, 2023, Speakers Magazine.

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