November 2021 Cover: Dr. Cheryl Wood

October 28, 2021


Dr. Cheryl Wood
Dr. Cheryl Wood

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  1. Powerful and impact yes she is. I was coach my Dr. Cheryl Woods and she’s everything that’s sophicated, elegant and damn right lets you know that yes YOU BELONG HERE and what are you waiting for to get there. Shes taught me all the behind the scenes that women of color need to know when negotiating your presence and grabbing your worth and let ya know if ya stuck call me. I got ya or I’ll find someone to help uou make it happen. She’s the really deal. And when she gets to preaching honey look out she’s talkin to somebody. What an amazing soul of a women and I’m proud to have sat at her feet. Cheryl U GO GURL! I’m rooting for ya gurl.

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