Priscilla Dames: Jacking Yourself Up for Intentional Transformation

April 27, 2023


Priscilla Dames’ section in Wisdom G.I.F.T.S. is entitled Fighting with Cement: An Unorthodox Transformation. That book, co-authored with Kim Coles, actress and comedian is now a best seller. Ms. Dames is unorthodox. Perhaps that led to her recently being invited to speak in Belize for Women’s International Day. As she approached the age of seventy her message to the listener became, “Pivot and change your life!”

She speaks openly about her recent transformation in health and business. Now she has coined the phrase, ‘silly fun’. Her book, Jacking Yourself up for Intentional Transformation will be released this year at her annual W.O.W. Summit in Belize.

Priscilla Dames is a Conflict Resolution Trainer, Speaker, and Community Activist with over forty years of experience. Her lifelong interest in diversity led to an internship with the Martin Luther King Center for Nonviolence. This affiliation began at the Conflict Center for Resolution in Kenya, Africa and was completed with a visit to The King Nonviolence Center in Havana, Cuba.

Ms. Dames realized her dream when invited to train ex-militants in the Nigerian Amnesty Program in Nigeria, Africa in Kingian Transformational Nonviolence. During the recent pandemic, Ms. Dames became certified in Mind-Body Medicine as part of her own transformation. Her most recent awards are Special Congressional Recognition for Service to the Community by Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Biden Presidential Lifetime Achievement Service Award.

Ms. Dames is Founder of Wingspan Seminars, whose mission is to provide seminars focusing on improving organizational relationships and prevention and intervention of conflict.

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