Real Estate Entrepreneur Anthony Kellum: on a mission to save the American dream

March 9, 2023


Real Estate Entrepreneur Anthony Kellum is on a mission to save the American dream of homeownership in the African American community

Anthony O. Kellum, the president Kellum Mortgage, LLC and author who gained national fame for his philanthropy, is returning to his Detroit roots with a message of hope for distressed communities and those feeling marginalized or left behind by the city’s urban renewal. Dr. Anthony O. Kellum will promote practical steps toward home ownership and neighborhood rehabilitation to distressed or disadvantaged communities, and spread the work that “Property is Power”

Kellum has long fought the notions of greed and selfishness in real estate investing, and favors instead the mission-based approach that has made him so successful. “If we band together to take care of that run-down house down the block, we all benefit,” Kellum went on. “Values come up. People make money. And in many cases, lives are changed. Community empowerment through homeownership is my life mission. Studies indicate homeownership leads to increases in: higher graduation rates, family wealth, community involvement and stake-holders.

Kellum, a Detroit success story himself, is committed to empowering people with the practical steps that can be taken to follow in his footsteps. Several of the stops on his speaking tour will take place at high schools, where he will promote trades as a practical path to financial freedom through real estate investing.

“My goal is to teach people of all ages how to empower themselves through property ownership,” Kellum said. “Not property possession, but property ownership, and everything that entails – taking responsibility for ourselves and our neighbors. A lot of people possess property, but not nearly enough take ownership of it. Property is Power promotes real ownership, how it builds communities.”


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