Renee Beavers

July 5, 2017


renee beavers

Renee M. Beavers rose from the rubble of a troubled childhood. This Detroit native turned Lifestyle Brand Mogul and Tragedy to Majesty author was born to two drug-addicted parents.  Horrifically, Renee’s mother was murdered by a serial killer!

A potential recipe for sadness, Renee turned to forgiveness and love, allowing God to use her pain to build people and relationships. Serving the beauty industry for 28 years starting and building salons is proof that making women beautiful from the inside out is her gift and passion.

Her 20-year struggle with food addiction and serial dieting, partnered with her daughter’s health struggles explain why she became highly motivated to pursue training and answers. In 2015, The Bible and food science finally provided the solutions to a healthy life for her and her phenomenal husband of 28 years. Their lifestyle change was the birth of her Whole –Person Plant-Strong Lifestyle Movement.

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  1. Renee Beavers is definitely a “change maker” a catalyst in this world for people who seek to slay the addictive giants in their lives by first looking at themselves then implementing the change one moment at a time, I thank my “sistar” for her always encouraging words that lift me up and for her willingness to be transparent when helping me see the beauty within, go on “Bubbles” “Bunny” Sparkle Sparkle. Papa God got you and the best is yet to come. Love your Sistar

    1. You are to die for! I am overwhelmed with gratitude.Thank you Sstra,you are why I have become more like our Papa God,you are a gift to my life. Thank you, for your love,support,and words of encouragement. It is our time and turn to bring glory to Papa God! I LOVE you!!!

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