Dr. Sylvia Jordan

August 5, 2017


There is no question that discovering one’s life purpose has become an obsession, nationally and across the globe. Where we look for this purpose often depends on our spiritual, social and even political beliefs. No matter what path we follow, we feel pressure to label ourselves – be it a healer, teacher, philanthropist, etcetera. Of course, we all need to feel like we have a reason for being here, but when did searching for our life purpose become our life purpose?

That is why Sylvia Jordan’s The Art of Juggling: The Successful Woman’s Guide to Finding Balance in Life is so refreshing. In today’s world, women – particularly those with children – are busier than ever. Whether they want to work or have to, they find themselves trying to manage stressful jobs with the twenty-four/seven demands of childrearing. They also tend to put the needs of their friends, colleagues and relatives ahead of their own, often without even realizing it. They start to see life as a one endless to-do list, rather than the joy-filled adventure it was meant to be, and they start dropping more pins than they’re juggling.

sylvia jordan This feeling of overwhelm also leads to those existential questions: What is this all for? What am I even doing here? The Art of Juggling explores these questions as well, but in a non-nonsense, productive way. The first thing we need to do is assess what is truly important to us. Then we should ask ourselves, which pins are related to those things and which are distractions? Jordan then asks us to ponder another simple yet profound question: what if our lives have different seasons, each with its own distinct purpose? The purpose of that particular season (i.e. finishing school, beginning your career, starting a business, raising a family) is forefront in our minds as we choose the “pins” we will juggle.

Jordan’s theory relieves the intense pressure we place on ourselves to find that one life purpose; it also helps us remained focused on what activities, thoughts and people are beneficial and which are needlessly draining our energy, confidence and joy.

For more info on The Art of Juggling or Sylvia Jordan: www.SylviaJordan.com

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