Tam R. Luc: Creator of the Movement, Women Who BossUp

April 19, 2023


Tam R. Luc, Founder of Women with Vision International and event producer of Women Who BossUp, is featured on the cover of Speakers Magazine's April 2023 issue, along with other distinguished speakers such as Dr. Laticia Nicole Beatty, Kieara Johnson, Dr. Telishia Berry, Dr. Tracy Crump, Dr. Wendy Labat, Cheryl Walker-Robertson, and Dr. Cozette White.

Tam R. Luc has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years, juggling a side hustle while working in commercial real estate. After her mother passed away in 2016, she decided to turn her passion for writing into helping women write and leverage books to create business success. In 2018, she was able to leave her corporate job and create a six-figure income from home, and during the pandemic, she founded Women Who BossUp.

Tam R. Luc has had to overcome many challenges on her entrepreneurial journey, including managing her emotions, time, and distractions. She advises readers to learn and grow continually and to be willing to invest time and money in their education - and network with like-minded individuals who are interested in "bossing up."

Women Who BossUp specializes in helping women write and leverage books to create business success. In 2022, they had a six-city book tour and filled 20 plus books, creating opportunities for branding and marketing.

They are now shifting to a membership model, which includes a global book tour, visibility, networking, and an opportunity to be in one of their Women Who BossUp books. They expect to reach over 1 million women worldwide and support them to BossUp in their business.

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