Tera Carissa Hodges: Women’s Empowerment Coach

March 30, 2023


“Building and redefining your brand with positivity and excellence”…
The brain child of Founder, Tera Carissa Hodges,
LR (life, labels, lifestyle brands redefined) Global Media Group builds or restructures brand awareness in the media for corporations, small to mid-size businesses, events, ministries, influencers, and personalities via PR, sales, and marketing campaigns, product placements, media placement, and more.

Through her empowerment endeavors, as seen on teracarissa.com , LR also helps the masses redesign their personal and spiritual lives using faith based principles through online teachings, coaching, e-books, conferences and more.

Sister sites that highlight her commitment to encourage people to recover their joy, redefine their purpose and revamp their lives despite anything they’ve lived through are, www.ilovemytestimony.com and for career oriented women, www.successbullying.us

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