Top 25 African American Speakers in the Speaking Business for Over 25 Years #blackhistorymonth

February 1, 2023


This list of 25 African American speakers have been chosen for their outstanding contributions to the speaking business for over 25 years and its effects on society. Each speaker has achieved success in their respective fields, from Oprah Winfrey’s career as an internationally renowned media mogul to Les Brown’s work as a motivational speaker and author. Other notable names such as Susan Taylor and Dr. Cindy Trimm highlight the contributions of powerful women in the industry while Dr. Ben Chavis, Nkechi Taifa and Rev. Jesse Jackson represent prominent figures in African American history and civil rights.

black history

The list also includes legendary figures such as Bishop T D Jakes, Wally “Famous” Amos, Dr. Barbara Reynolds and Marian Wright Edelman. These speakers have dedicated their time to mentoring and inspiring generations of people across the world. Others such as Tony Brown, Dr. Cornel West, and Dr. Dennis Kimbro have helped promote a culture of learning by providing educational opportunities for African Americans.

In addition to these prominent figures, there are also modern-day powerhouses such as Dr. Eric Thomas, Dr. Farrah Gray, Bonnie St. John and Lisa Nichols who have made contributions to the industry through their inspiring speeches, entrepreneurial ventures, and groundbreaking initiatives. Likewise, speakers like Tavis Smiley and Patricia Russell Mccloud have pushed for progress in the areas of politics and civil rights.

Given the range of contributions that these speakers have made to society, they are well-deserving of recognition as some of the most influential African Americans in the speaking business and deserve to be celebrated this Black History Month.

oprah speaking

Oprah Winfrey

Susan Taylor

Les Brown

Michael Eric Dyson

Bishop T D Jakes

Rev. Jesse Jackson 

Wally “Famous” Amos

Tony Brown

Dr. Ben Chavis

Dr. George C. Fraser

Dr. Cindy Trimm

Dr. Dennis Kimbro

Dr. Willie Jolley

Patricia Russell Mccloud

Iyanla Vanzant

Tim Storey

Marian Wright Edelman 

Dr. Eric Thomas

Lisa Nichols

Nkechi Taifa

Bonnie St. John

Dr. Barbara Reynolds 

Dr. Cornel West

Tavis Smiley 

Dr. Farrah Gray

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