Transform and Revolutionize Your Fitness Journey with Coach Angie (Angelia Johnson)

June 13, 2024


In this episode of the Speakers Magazine Show, we feature Angelia Johnson, also known as Coach Angie. With nearly two decades of experience as a certified fitness coach, speaker, corporate wellness consultant, and local news Get Fit Expert, Coach Angie is the founder of Team Angie Fitness – Be Your Best You.

Coach Angie’s new book, "You Say You Want To Workout But You Don't....Why?: Unlocking the Why to Unleash the How," introduces her holistic approach to fitness and wellness for women 35 and older. Her 10 Step Revolutionize Your Mind Philosophy and Journey to Lose Programs have helped hundreds of women find balance in mind, body, and spirit, enabling them to sustain their health and fitness journeys for life.

Inspired by her own struggles with body shaming, Coach Angie empowers her clients to make the best healthy lifestyle choices and become their best selves.

Don't miss this episode as Coach Angie shares insights from her new book and her mission to help women thrive.

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