Vonda Page Says DUMP DEI and Move from Leadership to Legendary

October 3, 2022


Vonda Page is the Radical Results™ Mentor for leaders looking to level-up and managers making moves. Vonda is a bold, brilliant, badass business consultant, global speaker, multimedia host, entrepreneur and Anti-Blackness Alleviation Vanguard. Through Masterminds, Mentorships, Masterclasses and Memberships, Vonda equips decision makers with techniques, tools and time to move from Leadership to Legendary™ status!

Vonda Page is the CEO of Radical Change, LLC a boutique leadership guidance firm that curates learning spaces --accessible from all places!

Learn more at vondapage.com

Vonda is the author of the upcoming book, DUMP DEI available for pre-sale now vondapage.com/book.

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