What Depression Looks Like by Dave  Nassaney

December 21, 2022


Another celebrity suicide shook the air waves last week when actor, dancer and choreographer, Stephen “tWitch” Boss, took his own life at the young age of 40, leaving behind his beautiful wife and their 3-young children.

After the recent loss of Robin Williams, Kurt Cobain, and Anthony Bourdain, suicide is still at epidemic levels. We really only hear about the famous ones on the news, but every day, approximately 125 Americans die by suicide. There is one suicide death in the US every 11.5 minutes.

Suicide is now the 3rd leading cause of death for young Americans.

We must all begin to ask ourselves, “If there is depression, is suicide far behind?” The common denominator here is undiagnosed clinical depression by individuals who tend to internalize their loneliness and sadness. People who already work in highly-stressful conditions are most vulnerable to depression (and that includes speakers). Caregivers are particularly known to suffer more from these than most. 

A study by AARP and The United Hospital Fund found that out of 1677 caregivers, approximately half of them felt “down, depressed and hopeless” during the past two weeks. As a public speaker and spousal caregiver, myself, I initially felt much of this same anxiety and stress but overcame most of it by focusing on my mission to support others.

I have found a new calling to caregivers and others which has allowed me to focus on myself and not my situation. I now raise awareness to the dangers of falling victim to hopelessness and depression to prevent suicide, as all speakers have the responsibility to.

Dave Nassaney, Speaker, Radio Host, Author & Caregiver. www.CaregiverDave.com

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