Work Life Balance Tips

January 17, 2023


Step up and change it, re-define it or remove it!

By Michelle Willette

How do I find Work Life Balance when I am my business! So many of us struggle with Work Life Balance although I feel it is generally more challenging for those of us who are in the public eye. As an author and public speaker I am constantly having to meet the needs of others which, if I am not careful, can lead me away from my natural state of wellbeing. Here are some life hacks that I use to meet requirements, meet needs and stay planted firmly in my wellbeing.

One size does NOT fit all…

Stop looking for cookie cutter strategies to finding Work Life Balance. Your life is individualized and so must be the strategies you use. 

  1. Place your daily tasks into categories that confirm their purpose
  • Essential and Important – Survival and Wellbeing (two most important)
  • Essential but not Important – Survival but not serving your Wellbeing
  • Important but not Essential – Serving your Wellbeing but not necessary for Survival
  • Not Essential or Important – Why am I doing this?
  1. Know the value of a task – don’t be afraid to remove those that do not serve the two most important categories
  2. Communicate changes, or the re-defining needed, for a task
  3. Recalculate your 100%! – Just because someone asks you to “GIVE IT 100%” doesn’t mean 100% fo your time, energy, focus, etc. Set your boundaries and communicate them!
  4. Make time for you! Self care is the most essential and important task you will ever have. Schedule time daily. Don’t compromise on this time or sacrifice your wellbeing to complete something else. There is literally nothing more important!

Look at your life and decide for yourself what is important and what is not. Only you have the power to do so. If you find something is not serving your wellbeing, step up and change it, re-define it or remove it!

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